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This month’s featured events are from . Whether you want a big fitness party at Camber Sands Holiday Park or a little more luxury at a four star hotel, the events are packed full of a whole range of classes for every level of participant plus fun party nights & entertainment.



Why purestretch?

Have we mentioned how great purestretch is yet? Ok maybe – but what we haven’t told you is how well it complements all your favourite fitness regimes.

Whether you’re a yoga master, golf enthusiast or clubbercisefanatic – purestretch will help your downward dog, improve your swing or help those post-clubbercise aching calf muscles…


Improve your flexibility

We stretch in many different ways to add variety to the class and always have great fun creating new ideas! We introduce stability balls, over balls, poles, yoga bricks. To be honest, we use anything that can improve technique and keep the class feeling fresh with new ideas.


purestretch is fun!

We don’t overthink, we don’t over teach but we educate the class in a fun way encouraging them to get the most out of their stretches.


It’s for everyone

In a purestretch class we cater for everyone, all abilities and attitudes to exercise and one of the key points to the class is to get everyone to move. Mobilise with movement and then stretch to the point of a decent stretch- nothing uncomfortable, no flinching, no shaking, no holding your breath but most definitely smiling.